Born in Paris in 1953, Bénédicte Azan studied at the art achools of Paris and Dijon. When she first started, watercolours imposed itself as the essential medium through which to develop her artistic practice, focusing mainly on the observation of landscapes. This technique is well suited to her vision anxious to extract the essentials. Then came oil painting and mixed techniques which lead to a more complex and elaborate creation. Her artistic process starts with long walks during which photgraphy acts as a prism which filters her vision of her environment. Drawing is also a means of recording the features which will later serve for the creation of a large-scale composition. The painting then becomes a synthesis of this observation work while freeing itself from any narration.  
Each painting becomes a world which is unique, sensitive and poetic. Composed and arranged in a subtle interlocking of coulourful forms, Bénédicte Azan's tries by her work to make her's Picasso's quote :« There sometimes can be more poetry in two or three verses than in a very long poem. »